Bhubaneswar, the capital city of modern Orissa, is one of those rare places where tradition matches its steps with modernity, where culture and technology flourish 
together, where the glorious past is preserved and an illustrious future is in the making. Evolving as one of the hottest tourist destinations, the city has many surprises gift-wrapped for everyone.
Bhubaneswar has a great historical significance as it was the scene of some of the majorturning points in history. The Creat Kalinga War which led to the miraculous transformation of Emperor Ashoka was fought along the bank of river Daya on the outskirts of Bhunaneswar in 261 BC. Now there stands a Peace Pagoda with the Ashokan rock-edicts. The city also has the oldest rock-cut caves in Khandagiri and Udayagiri.

Bhubaneswar inherits a rich cultural and traditional heritage. Being the kingdom of various great rulers of the past like Kharavela, it served as the ground for their zealous activities among which temple building deserves a special mention. Teeming with temples reflecting the evolution of Kalinga architecture from inception to maturity, Bhubaneswar has earned the title of Temple City of India, Parsurameswar (7th c.AD), Vaital (8th c.AD), Mukteswar (10th c.AD), Rajarani (11th c.AD) Brahmeswar and Lingaraj (11th c.AD) are a few of the temples which stand as examples of the architectural excellence of Oriya sculptors.

While the traditional heritage has been well-preserved, the city has embraced the technological advancement with equal fervour, Amusement Parks, Star Hotels, Discotheques and IT Parks in the city provide ample opportunities to chill out and enjoy life, Besides, Nandankanan, the open-air zoological park, Ekamra Haat- the handicrafts and textiles market, State Museum, The Tribal Museum and Regional Museum of Natural History, Market Building, Big Bazar, Pantaloon, The World- shoppers destinations, Ekamra Kanan, Regional Plant Resource Centre etc. are other avenues which cater to the specific interests and tastes of various cross-section of tourists.

Other Attractions

Khandagiri & UdayagiriCaves Famous inscriptions of Emperor Kharavela in Hatigumpha and wonderful sculptures on the walls of Ranigumpha at Udayagiri and the huge statue of Mahavir on the Khandagiri hills are worth seeing. All these remind of the Golden, Period of Orissa under some of the greatest rulers of history.
Dhauli Located along the bank of river Daya, the Dhauli hill marks the site of the famous historical event The Kalinga War, which had caused immense bloodshed but subsequently led to the transformation of Emperor Ashoka from Chandashoka, Ashoka-the terrible to Dharmashoka, Ashoka-the compassionate. The earliest rock-cut Indian sculpture in the shape of a magnificent elephant hewn out from a solid rock atop the Ashokan rock-edict at Dhauli and the Peace Pagoda built by the Japanese monks are among the major attractions.
MukteswarTemple Built wayback in the 10th century AD, the 34 feet high temple with an elegant arch at the entrance is considered as the gem of Orissan Architecture, The outer walls are full of sculptures, some depicting interesting stories from the famous folk tales of Panchatantra
LingarajTemple A magnificent 11th century shrine of Lord Shiva. The temple with a height of about 54 metres stands majestically amidst a number of small temples within a huge compound.
RajaraniTemple Built in 11th century AD, theRajaraniTemplewithout any presiding deity and its exquisite carvings is considered as an unparalleled example in the history of plastic art in Orissa.
Brahmeswar Temple A complex of temples with graceful sculptures on its walls reflecting the skills of Oriya sculptors, it is a miniature of Lingaraj Temple, Unlike Lingaraj Temple, it is open for all including foreigners.
Nandan Kanan (20 km) An open-air zoological park with a variety of wildlife including the majestic white tigers. The park offers Lion Safari, White Tiger Safari, boating etc. Adjacent to it is the Botanical Garden with a huge collection of medicinal, decorative and other varieties of plants.
Pathani Samanta Planetarium Offers regular shows about outer space to create awareness in the field of astronomy, astrophysics and space science.


Air : Indian Airlines connects Bhubaneswar by air with flights to Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. Other Airlines like Jetlite, Indigo, Air Deccan and Kingfisher have flights from different metropolis of the country to Bhubaneswar.

Rail :  The headquarters of East Coast Railway being stationed in the city, Bhubaneswar has an excellent network of rail connections, Many fast and superfast trains run between Bhubaneswar and other major cities and towns of the country like Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore,  Thiruvananthapuram, Ahmedabad, Haridwar etc.

Road : Being the state  capital on NH No-5, it is connected by all-weather motorable roads within the state and neighbouring states. 

Other Places

BDA Nicco Park : Amusement Park for children and adults.

Regional Science Centre : where games teach science.

Ekamra Haat : Located in the heart of the city, Ekamra Haat is the perfect place where one can find the Orissan Handicrafts & Textiles. Awide range of items like terracotta, patta painting, horn toys, dhokra, stone sculpture etc. are sold directly by the artisans here.

Cactus Garden: Situated close to the 'Ekamara Kanan' in Bhubaneswar, the Cactus Garden, with its huge collection of Cacti should not be missed

Places around Bhubaneswar

Sisupalgarh : Just two km from the famed Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar lie the ruins of Sisupalgarh. Dating back to the third or fourth century BC, these ruins show that even at that early date there was a well fortified city here, and establish the fact that the Orissan civilization has very ancient roots.

Hirapur : Just two km from the famed Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar lie the ruins of Sisupalgarh. Dating back to the third or fourth century BC, these ruins show that even at that early date there was a well fortified city here, and establish the fact that the Orissan civilization has very ancient roots.

Atri : Situated amidst greenery and famous for the hot sulphur water spring, Atri, 42 km. from Bhubaneswar and 14 km. from Khurda, is also a holy place with the shrine of

Hatakeswar. A bath in the spring water is reputed to cure skin diseases apart from being a pleasant experience.

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